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Welcome to Nepal Art Craft Online Shopping Store !

Nepal Bazaar Traders And Exporters (NBTE) is an Business Organization and online sales store established in Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. It is a pioneer in introducing many innovative products concepts in arts and handicrafts sector, represents a milestone in the handicraft manufacture and export history of Nepal as it started an era of finest arts and crafts with customer satisfaction measured as a focal objective while doing business.

NBTE stablished with objective of manufacture and export authentic arts and handicrafts belongs to Tibetan and Nepalese craftmanship. We provide full varieties of typical and pure handmade crafts made by our skillful craftsmen with many years of experience.

From Its's establish time in 2007, NBTE been a part of quality handicraft supplier from its . From the Starting of the company, It has been dealing with  handicraft related business from a small storeroom and the stage of the current time of the company has quite acceptation. The products like Tibetan Thangka Paintings,  handmade Buddha Statues, Various types of   Singing  bowls, Singing Bells, Tingshas Symbols, Sterling Silver Jewelry crafts, Gurkha Khukuri/Kukri, Buddhist Prayer Wheel, Woolen Products and many other beautiful crafts are our mainly trading products. Expect these there are many other crafts too on which we got hands on. With company goal of developing and giving new taste in reliable products, We have found a well successions in the target.

Nepal, a small Himalayan land has being famous for its various arts and crafts from the ancient time. Traditionally built temples, monasteries and small stupas are the examples of Nepalese handicraft profession. Handicraft is also developed in harmony with changing market taste of the people. For the last 30–40 years, export of handicraft related  goods has been growing but in another hand, it has been some short of decreaesment on the quality of the products too. The development of handicraft helps the conservation of national heritage and culture of country which in return contributes to appease poverty by creating job opportunities.